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Before & After

Sometimes you have a flyer or ad that you use for other purposes, but it just doesn't fit for web use. I can take your existing materials and creat an ad for you. Since I don't have to start from scratch, it's faster and costs less.

For example, I received this 8.5 by 11 inch flyer to be used for an ad in an e-zine:

flyerAt 2223 x 2683 px (this has already been reduced to 500 x 603 px),

It is much too large for a 300 x 600 ad space, and just reducing it would make it unreadable.

In just black and white, it is pretty uninteresting.




300x600 ad









So I took some of the text from the flyer,

put it into a 300 x 600 px space with a colorful background,

and this is what I came up with: